This is an expose of this dishonest, incompetent, corrupt law firm.

FREE Service Helping Victims

William Michael Windsor is not n attorney, but he is smarter than most attorneys and judges, and HE’s honest.

Best of all, he won’t charge you a cent! He will help you with your problems with your condo or homeowner’s association out of the goodness of his heart and his loathing for the corrupt attorneys who prey on those unlucky enough to own a condo or home in Florida with an association.


Help from a Fellow Victim

You have probably been screwed and may not even realize it yet. Please don’t be a victim. Email windsorlegalmail@gmail.com and summarize your problem. William will respond to you promptly.

And if your association is a client of Clayton & McCulloh, please do not delay. They could cost you a fortune, and those involved as officers and directors could get caught up in committing crimes.

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